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JDRF Advocates for Affordable Insurance

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Attorney Bill Voss is the founder of The Voss Law Firm, PC. His professional duties aside, attorney Bill Voss supports JDRF.

Founded in 1970 as the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, JDRF eventually changed its name to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation before renaming itself JDRF in 2012. Established to find a cure for diabetes, it now has additional aims, including the eradication of the notion that type-1 diabetes (T1D) only occurs in childhood. JDRF also works to acquire funding to research cures and find ways to make living with diabetes manageable.

In December 2016, JDRF wrote a letter to President-Elect Trump, urging him to make health care a priority. By receiving affordable, high-quality care, individuals who live with T1D can more effectively manage their symptoms. JDRF also addressed the unique needs that those living with T1D must face in their daily lives and how health insurance is a necessity for this population.